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on iOS and Windows Phone


Want to accurately measure how fast your car accelerates to 60 mph and find out not just a figure specified by the manufacturer under perfect conditions, but a real estimate: for your exact car, in its current state? Our project will help you to measure the acceleration from 0-60 mph on your iPhone, Android or WinPhone.

Last 10 measures

Subaru Legacy Specb (2000cm, 280h.p., man., gasoline) 7.1 sec
Mazda Cx-5 (194h.p., auto, gasoline) 7.7 sec
Ford Mondeo M Mondeo (2000cm, 240h.p., robot, gasoline) 7.5 sec
Мазда Сх-5 (2500cm, 192h.p., auto, gasoline) 7.4 sec
Skoda Yeti (1800cm, 200h.p., robot, gasoline) 6.8 sec
Skoda Yeti (1800cm, 152h.p., robot, gasoline) 8.4 sec
Bmw 525I (2494cm, 192h.p., auto, gasoline) 10.3 sec
Lexus Is 250 (2500cm, 208h.p., auto, gasoline) 8 sec
Ford Mp M Mondeo (2000cm, 240h.p., robot, gasoline) 7.1 sec
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Lancer (2400cm, 200h.p., cvt, gasoline) 7.6 sec