This App allows you:

  1. To measure acceleration time of your car to the desired speed
  2. To displays the current speed in a speedometer mode
  3. To view, delete and send the results of measurements
  4. To view received awards

To measure acceleration time of your car, choose a straight bit of road without slopes or pits, wait while the App shows “Satellites found”, click “Start measuring” and follow the prompts.

Note: when you first use the App, searching for satellites may take considerable time.

This window displays the current speed obtained through the conversion of GPS data.

In the “Settings” window you can:

  1. Fill the form about your car
  2. Choose a measuring speed unit
  3. Set a measuring speed limit

Awards are available only after sending results to

Here you can view measurement results of the car acceleration time. Also you can send the results to, where you can view and compare acceleration graphics or view statistics.